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Artifacts, archaeologically speaking are objects made or modified by a human culture and later recovered from an archaeological endeavor. In the case of 'cultural artifacts', these are human-made objects which give information about the culture of its creators and users and usually had a practical purpose. Some of these are ancient objects that have been recovered from marine excavations, unearthed or just "found".

Some of our current collection of artifacts are shown in this category such as the example to the right; an anthropomorphic figure handle fragment of a carved limestone secondary burial urn cover from a site in the Kulaman plateau, Cotabato province, Mindanao island, in the Philippine archipelago.

Many of our favorite pieces are in this category, their age and history being particularly fascinating. Since each of these items usually had some practical use, the history behind them and the primitive hands that made and used them is awe inspiring.


Bronze turtle and crane figure, Hanoi, Vietnam, L. 20th C.

Ban Chiang Jar

Prehistoric Ban Chiang jar, Thailand, 100 B.C.-100A.D.

Bronze Food Platter

Bronze food platter with three stylized animal head feet, ...

Bronze Vessel

Bronze vase shaped vessel, Vietnam

Bulol Urn Handle

Limestone burial urn cover fragment, Kulaman Plateau, ...

Burma Mandalay Peacock

Gold gilt peacock, Mandalay style, teakwood with colored ...

Burmese Singha Lion Figure Architectural Element

Singha' architectural element, gold and red lacquer with ...

Byzantine Marble Artifact

Marble street drain, Turkey, 395 - 1107 AD, 10½" x ...

Byzantine Marble Sewage Drain

Marble street sewage drain, Turkey

Chimera Style Torso

Chimera style stone torso, Cambodia

Chinese Pottery Tomb Panel

Han Dynasty, Chinese pottery tomb panel, China.

Column Finial

Lotus shaped column finial, architectural element, ...

Cosmetic Storage Container

Brass 'sindoor' (hair) and 'kumkum' (forehead bindi spot) ...

Dong Son Bronze Bucket

Bronze with incised design, Dong Son period, from ...

Dong Son Bronze Cooking Vessel

Bronze cooking vessel with handles & horizontal line ...

Excavated Bronze Cooking Ladle

Excavated bronze cooking ladle, Dong son period, N. Thailand

Excavated Bronze Cooking Vessel

Excavated bronze cooking vessel, Dong son period, Vietnam

Excavated Sawankhalok Teacup

Excavated celadon teacup, Sawankhalok period (Sukhothai ...

Garuda House Ornament

Garuda house ornament, Bali, Indonesia, 20th C.

Granite Grinding Wheel

Granite grinding wheel with incised design, on iron stand, ...

Han Granary Jar

Excavated earthenware tomb granary jar, Han dynasty, China

Han Granary Jar

Excavated earthenware covered granary jar, Han dynasty, ...

Japanese Pagoda

Japanese Granite Pagoda

Jizo Bosatsu 1

Jizo Bosatsu (The Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha) Gray granite Edo ...

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